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    Carrybags has become a more convenient way to carry daily necessities and for packaging in small quantities. The well-known form of such bags is in the form of plastic bags. Despite of all known hazards of plastic pollution, it’s prevalent and pervasive in India. Plastic bags are one of the worst and most unnecessary plastic polluters of the earth. Plastic bags are used on a large scale by retailers for a simple reason that plastic bags are much cheaper than paper, cloth or other eco-friendly bags. This paper presents the designing and development of asystem to automate the procedure of paper bags production so as to make its production cost comparable to plastic bags and inherently increase its production rate so as to fulfill the ever increasing demand. We have used micro-controller based design approach which has kept the cost of the system significantly low as compared to PLC based designs and have automated the manufacturing process.

    We need small size bags every day for various purposes like grocery, fruits, and vegetables. We use plastic bags for such purposes. Plastic shopping bags have a surprisingly significant environmental impact for something so seemingly innocuous. Plastic shopping bags kill large numbers of wildlife each year. One of the most dramatic impacts is on marine life.So to avoid above harmful effects of Plastic Bags, viable alternative is required which is Paper Bag. Actually, Paper Bag is being used but in very small scale. Conventional Paper Bags requirespecial paper which increases the overall cost of the Paper Bag. This is the main cause due to which use of Paper Bag is less. Also initial investment cost is very much in conventional paper bag making machine. So it cannot be used for small scale production.All these problems are eliminated in the presented machine. Amachine whose initial cost is less, which does not require any special paper, which can be used for small scale production, is developed. Thismachine willhelp a poor family to earn money through small scale production of paper bags.