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    At present, DC brushless blowers mostly use brushless DC motors, which greatly simplify the structure of brushless DC motors by eliminating the collector ring and brushes for excitation. It not only improves the technical performance of the motor, but also greatly improves the mechanical reliability and life of the motor. Not only that, it also has excellent control performance compared with other motors. This is because the torque constant, torque inertia ratio, and power density of the motor have been greatly improved due to the high performance of permanent magnet materials.

    Through reasonable design, the inertia and electromechanical time constant can be greatly reduced and greatly improved as the main index of servo control performance. The design of modern permanent magnet circuit has been improved, and the coercivity of permanent magnet material is high. As a result, the armature response and demagnetization resistance of permanent magnet motors have been greatly improved, and the control parameters of the motors have been greatly reduced under the influence of external disturbances.

    Since permanent magnet is used instead of electric excitation, the design of excitation winding and magnetic field is reduced, thus reducing the parameters such as excitation flux, excitation winding inductance and excitation current, thus enabling the control variables or parameters to meet the design requirements. Direct reduction. All these factors can be said that DC brushless blowers have good controllability.

    DC brushless motors are widely used in daily life, so do you know the advantages of DC brushless motors, the following I introduce you to the characteristics of DC brushless motors.

    1, no carbon brushes, low interference DC brushless motor in addition to carbon brushes, the most direct change is that there is no brush geared motor operation generated by electric sparks, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks to remote radio equipment.