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    In this day and age, especially with the convenience of hundreds of beauty-related articles online, more and more women are starting to get skin conscious from a younger age. With that comes the usual suspects, loading up on hyped-up skincare products, investing in a proper skincare routine, makeup products with better ingredients, and even various oft-overlooked facial procedures.

    Now with facials there comes a whole slew of other questions and decisions to contend with: What kind of facial is suitable for my skin? What price range of facial should I splurge for? Should I try that really exotic sounding procedure that really should give me baby bottom smooth skin for the price I’m paying? Facial beauty machines… what’s that all about?

    Now I’m not here to contend with you the results of the ever traumatising-to-look-at Vampire Facial procedure, with its equally traumatising-to-pay price tag that comes along with it. We simply do not have the time nor the word count. Instead, we’re going to tackle the similarly multi-faceted world of the LED Facial machine.

    So get your sheet masks and your green teas ready, we’re about to dive into this fascinating world of beauty machinery.