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    From kitchenware to our vehicles, plastic products have permeated every aspect of our lives and are integral to our day-to-day activities. Plastics can be divided into two main groups: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics, like Polyethylene, soften easily when heated. Thermosets do not. Manufacturers must be able to efficiently and permanently join plastic components into complete assemblies, such as in vehicles, and that means using hot melt glue adhesives.

    Advantages of Adhesive Bonding

    Adhesives have several advantages over other types of bonding, like welding, or even using screws or nails.

    Adhesives distribute the weight between two substrates more evenly, reducing stress on joints.

    Adhesives are invisible, which means you get a nice, clean seamless line where the materials join.

    Adhesives form a seal, as well as a bond, which protects the joint from corrosion.

    Other hot melt adhesives can join irregularly shaped surfaces, quickly and easily bonding the substrates.

    Assembly line operations are much easier, as there is less need for customization in the bonding process.