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    Dongguan Yuntong Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of waste tire recycling equipment, crushing equipment, rubber equipment, tire recycling equipment, environmental protection machinery and rubber products equipment, etc. The main business of rubber powder application is at the same time It provides multi-faceted services such as mechanical design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance, and personnel training. It can also provide personalized solutions according to customer special requirements.
    Since 2000, the company has been based in the environmental protection field of waste tire recycling and utilization, and attaches great importance to the introduction of high-quality talents, the cooperation of production, education and research in colleges and universities, and the standardized management of intellectual property rights. Powder technology. In 2004, it overcomes the worldwide problem of producing fine rubber powder from waste tires at room temperature through the recycling of waste tires. It can comprehensively treat the “black pollution” formed by waste tires, obtain valuable resources, and has huge economic benefits. Social benefits. The technology has obtained a number of independent national patents. With this strong technical strength, our company has become the industry national standard drafting unit (GB/T 26963.1-2011, GB/T 26963.2-2011, GB/T 26731-2011), and In 2013, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province.
    At present, the company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, EU CE, GMC global manufacturer certifications at home and abroad. There are dedicated workshops, R&D centers, equipment manufacturing and assembly workshops for a demonstration production line that processes 10,000 tons of waste tires annually. It is equipped with a recycling cycle for waste tires of various specifications that can process 2000 tons, 3000 tons, 5000 tons, 10000 tons, and 20000 tons per year. Use production lines. The production line for preparing fine rubber powder from waste tires at room temperature has the characteristics of small floor space, few operators, automatic operation, high stability, strong reliability, high cost-effective investment, energy saving and environmental protection, and has passed the 2012 Guangdong Province high-tech product certification. The quality has also been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.
    “Focus, professionalism, technological innovation, never stop, we are the leader of waste tire processing equipment” is the company’s operating philosophy. We wholeheartedly invite friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to come to negotiate, let us jointly develop a wide range of economic and technical cooperation, and contribute to the recycling economy of waste tires.Super Shredder