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    Our History
    For over 16 years, Eagle Safety has expanded and developed to be one of the leading suppliers of PPE, Workwear, Uniforms to the whole world. We started the company with a mission to protect people. To achieve this goal, we have put forth all our efforts and we set the standard for quality, value, comfort, availability, development and service.
    Eagle Safety, a bridge to the protective world, you can trust and we can do it.
    Eagle Safety is the sigle source for providing protection from head to toe.
    We are here to support you and your business at any time.
    Product Application
    PPE, Workwear, Uniforms
    Production Market
    USA, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, the Netherland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, UK,Switzerland, Sweden, Norwa,etc. Total 60 countries and regions.
    Our Service
    1. Searching for new suppliers
    2. New products development
    3. Sample and quotation
    4. Production
    5. PO follow up
    6. Inspection
    7. Delivery
    8. Following up after customer receiving the cargo
    9. How to better improve the produts
    Visiting customers and marketing research.low price Disposable Indoor Shoe Covers