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Moose huntingI take a deep breath and the cold morning airs fill up my chess. It’s the first moose hunting days for me, especially with unleash dogs. I am in Swedish Lapland, a really beauty country, not as I could imagine. I’m going to walk with a guide and his barking spitzen dog, a Norwegian grey moose dog. We have GPS color on the dog, wish let us know exact ally where the dog are, and what he is doing. My guide takes of the leash of the dog and let him go.

We standing totally still and quiet and just wait, maybe we stand for 20minits. Slowly are we starting moving forward, we walk with care in the beautiful landscape who colorized by the soft morning sun. We look at the GPS and see the dog is 800meters in front of us and searching for fresh tracks and smell from a moose.

Suddenly show my guide a straight line on the GPS, wish means that our dog has taken up a moose. My sense start to work 120% more than normally and my pulse getting higher. It’s just taken a couple of minutes when we here the dog barking. Its sound so clear and narrow in the cold air, but its 1 200 meters north of us. We start to walk closer to the dog, but only when it’s barking. My guide check wish way the wind are blowing, and tell me to be really quiet. We taking in to the dog and soon are only 100meter from the dog and the moose. My guide shows me the tracks from the moose, and it’s a bull. Suddenly starts the moose and the dog moving 220 meters away from us. Could it be that the moos herd us or smelled us? I’m so focus at the moment that I can hear my heart beat.

We are also moving forward, but it’s not easy, because we have a lot of dry wood on the ground so our moves go very slowly. The sound from the dog are sending a eco between the mountains, and it’s a lovely sound just know. Whole my body are 100% hunt right know. We are coming closer and we stop at 80meter from the dog. My guide say to me, now you have to go by yourself, it’s too risky if we both go. It takes maybe 5 seconds to my brain understand what the guide said to me. I starting to walk slowly, slowly but only when the dog barking. I stand on my knees and now for the first time I can see the moose. I sneak slowly closer and now at least I see the antler of a really great moose. Take my rifle and aim, and one second later I feel a preacher on my chest, but I don’t hear any “bang” I’m totally focus, and I see the moose just standing there, and it feels like a long time, but suddenly are the moose laying down on the ground.

The dog are still barking and now again I can hear the eco between the mountains. My guide show up and he have a really big smile on his face. I congratulation me and a couple of seconds later understand I what I have done. I have got my moose, moos of lifetime.

I give my guide a big hug and later at the lodge are we ending the hunting day with a nice dinner and a sauna. Some dreams come true! As a hunting adventure in Swedish Lapland with Arctic Charter come true for me.

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